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Bleeding Zombie Targets


Everyone knows zombies are a real threat to our society, just ask the CDC, and when the living dead rise up you don’t want to be caught unprepared. You’ve stockpiled the ammo, debated on the forums endlessly about whether an AK-47 or AR-15 is the optimal zombie slaughtered gun and you’ve even read the Zombie Survival Guide. But how will you fair when the zombies are actually pounding on your door? Are you going to be prepared for the virus infected blood and gore your .223 ammo will spill on your porch? (or will you be using 7.62×39? That’s a debate for another day)

Well now you can actually train for the inevitable with Tactical Bleeding Zombie Targets from Zombie Industries. These life-sized zombie mannequin targets bleed as you unleash your hoard of lead at them, they last up to 1000 rounds according to Zombie Industries. Let’s just hope real zombies take much less to put them down, of we all have a lot of stockpiling to do!

The zombie targets include a wood stake, a shipping box with targets on both sides for extra shooting fun and are made in the US of A by fellow zombie hunting Americans. Zombie Industries currently has four various zombie targets available.

You can purchase the Zombie Industries Bleeding Zombie Targets on Amazon.

These targets aren’t for the faint of heart, they were actually banned at the Crossroads Gun Shows, but those gun shows suck these days anways. Check out more pictures and a video of the bleeding zombie targets in action below.

To purchase check them out HERE.



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