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Best Budget Priced AK-47 Muzzle Brakes



The AK-47 and all it’s variants are great rifles, especially when you add one simple and affordable mod. A muzzle brake can make a huge difference with the AK-47. The 7.62×39 round and the AK’s long-stroke piston design can make for a pretty good thump. While it’s not overly harsh, it’s quite a bit more than the AR-15. A good muzzle brake can help tame the AK’s recoil as well as help with faster follow-up shots. One great benefit of the AK is how easy it is to install a muzzle brake, just press the detent and twist it off.

A good muzzle brake doesn’t have to break the bank, below is a list of the best low-priced budget friendly AK-47 muzzle brakes.

Tapco Intrafuse Slot Muzzle Brake


The first muzzle brake on our list is one of the most affordable of the bunch but it also is one of the most effective. It has a simple and compact design that doesn’t add much lenght or weight to your rifle. At around $16 with free shipping it won’t break the bank.

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AK-74 Style Muzzle Brake


The AK-74 style muzzle brake is a tried and true design that the Russians have been using for decades. Orginally designed for the AK-74’s 5.45×39mm cartridge it has been adapted for use with the AK-47’s 7.62×39 ammo. At under $13 with free shipping it’s definitely affordable.

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Three Chamber Competition Muzzle Brake


Here’s a brake that’s a little more than the other two brakes above but it’s highly effective, this beefy brake has three chambers just like many of the AR-15 competition brakes on the market. Unlike most AR brakes however it’s afforable at $21 with free shipping.

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[Top image source: k-var.com]


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