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The Battle Mug from Hero-Gear



EDIT: They’re available online over at Amazon.com.

So what do you get for the firearms enthusiasts in your life that seems to have everything? This cool new product is definitely one tactical goody that your dad might not have yet. The Battle Mug from Hero-Gear is a mug made out of a 13.5lb solid block of 6061 T6 billet aluminum CNC’d at their Huntsville, Alabama headquarters. Hero-Gear is known for their parts and equipment for the U.S. Department of Defens, NASA and many companies all over the US.

The Battle Mug features a M1913 rail interface system that you can attack a standard issue M4 carry handle, laser, light, red dot sight or even a bayonet to keep your cold brew safe in a close quarter fight. Each Battle Mug has an individual serial number and features Mil-Spec Type III anodizing for long life out in the sand box, or at home in your den. The Battle Mug can carry up to 24 ounces to keep your thirst quenched until the mission is accomplished!

Check out more images of the Battle Mug below:

[Source: Hero-Gear]


  1. I reviewed this awe inspiring mug in my podcast, for the amount of money they want for it you would think it would come with a lid. Or that they would offer a lid. But they don’t make a lid, so $189 gets you a really sexy mug you can’t travel with or throw on you bag without spilling your drink everywhere. It’s a shame really.

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