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AK Master Mount No Weld AK Optic Side Rails


Attaching a scope or red dot to a modern AR-15 rifle is pretty easy, with the Picatinny top rail and all the mounting options on the market there are a ton of options available. Not so with the AK-47 variant rifles. Because of the dust rail there are only a few options for the AK. There’s the Ultimak that replaces the AK gas tube, it allows you to mount red dots and weapons lights towards the front of the rifle. Then there’s all the various rails on the market that attach to the dust cover or the rear sight, but most of those are just ok. The option that AK manufacturers off is a side rain mount welded to the side of the receiver. But what if your AK never came with one?

The folks over at AK Master Mount have a product that allows you to add a side mount without the need to weld anything to your rifle. It mounts via the hammer and trigger pin holes and is screwed into place. It’s compatible with most milled and stamped receiver AKs from the MAK 90, Arsenal TM SA 93 and SLR 95 to Yugo PAPS, the Egyptian Maadi and the Century C39.

The Master Mount in steel retails for $86 while the aluminum version retails for $71. Check them out at AKMasterMount.com.