Still not sure what to buy the hunter or shooting enthusiast in your life? Don’t fret, we’re not sure either! But here’s a list of some gift ideas we’ve stumbled upon while shopping for the holidays or that we’d like to receive for Christmas (I hope the wife is reading!). Have an idea of your own? Feel free to comment so we can expand this list!


This is an obvious one, who doesn’t need more ammo? As a shooter I’m always happy to get more ammo. Check out my big list of ammo sources online. Some of my go-to places for ammo online are, and If you don’t want to use ammo as the easy way out of holiday shopping then read on.


OK, this is another gimme, but like ammo you can never have too many magazines. Magpul PMAGs are among the best out there for the AR-15 and Chip McCormicks for 1911s. Mag holders are also a good gift idea too.

Boresnakes and Cleaning Kits

There are a lot of cleaning kits out on the market, but to me the tried and true Boresnake is a must have. It makes cleaning your firearm’s barrel a quick and easy process. They go for about $12 and up online. Another cleaning kit I recommend is the Otis Elite Cleaning System.


If they’re an AR-15 owner these AR-15 Scraper Tools are pretty awesome at only $16 with free shipping.

Hearing Protection

Chances are a shooter already has this in their gear bag, but if they’re oldshool and still use foam plugs here’s are two products I’m a fan of. First are the Surefire Sonic Defenders, these awesome little guys fit snugly and block out plenty of noise, they also have little stoppers that you can unplug when talking to your buddies at the range. Second are the Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Earmuffs, they block out noise above 82 dB and amplifies conversations and commands when not shooting.

Gun Schematic Cleaning Mats

These gun schematic cleaning mats are pretty cool,  do you really need them when cleaning your gun? Nope, but they sure look sweet. They have them for the 1911, AR-15 and various gun models as well.

Mag Loaders

If you’re getting someone special a few magazines, how about a mag loader too? They’ll save their thumbs after a long day of shooting. We’re fans of the  Mag Lula pistol loaders.

Tactical Molle Christmas Stockings


Does the gun enthusiast in your life already have all of the above? How about these cool Tactical Molle Christmas Stockings? They’re available in Black, OD Green and Amazon. Check them out at $16.99 with free shipping on Amazon.

Gun Shirts

We’re fans of 1791 Apparel, we’ve reviewed their shirts in the past and have always found them to be of great quality and pretty affordable. They make awesome gifts all year-long, but if you’re stumped as to what to get for the holidays you can’t go wrong with a shirt from 1791 Apparel, check out their entire product line at


There’s also these AR-15 shirts available on various colors on There’s also a ton of other firearms related shirts available on Amazon as well.

Got a few ideas you want to add? Let us know in the comments below,  happy shopping!

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