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Women Will Never Be Equal To Men At The Range


FateOfDestinee posted a recent video about the stereotypes she runs into (and I bet many other women as well) while going to the range or gun shops.

Destinee makes some very valid points. The gun industry and shooting sports really has that “boys club” mentality, and it’s something that really needs to change.

When ever I go to the shooting range I see quite a few women, and I think it’s a good thing. We need to embrace women shooters, not exclude them or make them feel uncomfortable. I totally agree with Destinee on this one.


  1. Response to Destinee’s rant,
    If I had to put money down on what gender is better at shooting with equal trigger time for both genders. I would pick a women. Do not forget there are some great male shooters out there that deserve our respect. I hate to see you pegged as just hating men when its just respect that you want. Trust me most of these guys you mentioned would be jerks to anybody.
    Happy shooting,
    Jason Baker


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