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What Gun Would Boba Fett Use?



The bounty hunter Boba Fett is one of the most popular characters in Star Wars after Darth Vader, but if Boba Fett were a real person what gun would he use? Seeing as he was also a soldier of fortune I’m assuming he’d use an M4/AR-15 as it seems to be the preferred rifle of choice for many contractors around the world. With Magpul accessories of course.


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  1. If you check his weapon up, it actually a pretty weird looking weapon most closely resembling a AOW short barrel shotgun with a revolver type receiver and a long thin scope. Some renderings almost look like a pistol Gatling gun.

    My first thought was a SBR M4, but I think it needs to be something more exotic…and old school.

  2. hmmm… equipment came from his father… so he would be old school… m14 instead of m4, 1911 instead of m9, revolvers?


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