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The Weapons of The Walking Dead



If you’re a fan of the AMC show The Walking Dead (and you’re reading this blog) I assume you pay attention to the various guns and weapons the survivors in The Walking Dead use to kill the undead. From Shane’s pump-action shotgun to Daryl’s crossbow. It’s pretty cool seeing the various rubber stunt guns, machetes and blank firing firearms used in the show.

It was pretty interesting to confirm what I was thinking during the first episode of season 2, Gerber struck a deal with the makers of The Walking Dead to have their machetes and gear used in the show. I guess if you want to market to the current zombie craze seen on TV, movies and in the weapons industry a product promo in one of The Walking Dead is the way to do it.

Check it out in the video below:


  1. Why didn’t any manufacture step up and pay to have some of their products mentioned. Rick : “what you got there stranger?”
    Stranger: 7 shot Taurus .357

    That’s all it had to be. Just as an example.


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