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Tactical RPG-7



The folks at Airtronic have done a few upgrades to the popular RPG-7. Made here in the USA the Airtronic RPG-7 fires the same 40mm rocket propelled grenade, its tube is made from 4150 ordnance grade steel and includes flip-up BUIS and a Picatinny Rail for optics and attachments. Airtronic designed their version of the RPG-7 to be familiar with operators of the M-16/M-4 rifles by using the standard stock and handgrip from the M-4 rifle. Sadly these can’t be bought by civilians, it would look sweet over the fireplace.


  1. That pistol grip looks completely retarded and isn’t ergonomic at all… seriously… looks like it was spawned from a pimp my gun thread on /k/

  2. Anyone else think the positioning of the M4 pistol grip is stupid? I don’t really see the point in adding anything to the RPG-7 beyond perhaps a Weaver rail for optics. This bad boy looks like a few 11-year-olds photoshopped it after a marathon session of Modern Warfare and Mountain Dew.


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