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XRAIL Shotgun magazine extension


Pump action shotguns have been the workhorse firearms for military and police around the world for generations, and while they are some of the most reliable guns in use, when it comes to ammo capacity they are pretty limited. The new XRAIL shotgun magazine extension from RCI gives you 23+1 rounds via a rotating chamber. When each tube is emptied it revolves automatically and feeds more ammo into the tube. The XRAIL, short for Xtreme Roth Auto Indexing Loader comes in both a full and compact configuration. The full size XRAIL weights 33oz with the compact at 24 oz. The XRAIL works for Mossberg, Remington, Benelli, FNH and Winchester tactical shotgub models via a manufacturer specific adapter. The XRAIL goes from $650 to $750 depending on the gun application and configuration.

Check them out at Xrailbyrci.com