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Remington 870 Bullpup Kit



It looks like there are more and more bullpup stock kits entering the market all the time, well here’s one from Bullpup Unlimited I just stumbled upon for the popular Remington 870 shotgun. As with any typical bullpup kit, the overall lenght of the firearm is shortened with no loss of barrel lenght as the 870 action sits further back. The kit does add a little under a pound of weight to your shotgun but the weight is transfered further back, so I’d assume it would actually improve the balance of the shotgun. The Bullpup Unlimited kit uses an AR-style pistol grip and has plenty of rail space for grips, lights or lasers. At $359 it’s almost the cost of an actual 870, but if you’ve always wanted a bull pup shotgun then this might be a sweet project to play with.


– Designed to accept a wide variety of aftermarket AR-style accessories
– Familiar AR-style grip and safety Split-trigger for increased safety
– Variety of rail mounting areas for tactical accessories
– Super-smooth and contoured slide release area
– Rugged shell deflector for left handed shooters
– Ergonomically shaped and easy-to-grip slide forearm
– Generous access to loading port
– Conversion assembles easily with tools provided
– Easy to follow conversion instructions included
– Multiple ambidextrous sling points for 1-point and 2-point sling
– Field strips with tools included under butt pad
– Manufactured from rugged, hi-tech, molded materials
– Features an easy-to-grip, non-reflective surface texture
– Does not in any way alter the original shotgun
– Overall thickness: 2.75”, width: 8”, length: 28”
– Shipping weight: 2 lbs 12 oz, package dimensions: 4”x12” x33”


  1. how many shells does the bullpup hold?
    i’ve seen three sites and the manufacturer site but no one tells how many shells it holds.


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