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Prison Guards Training With The Kel-Tec KSG


Kel-Tec recently sent out a batch of their new KSG shotguns to the US Corrections-Special Operations Group (US C-SOG), so far they’re really liking the KSG. The KSG actually really makes sense for correctional officers, the KSG is short and can be used in tight spaces, holds 15-rounds and can switch between two different types of loads. Check out the KSG in action with US C-SOG below, they really put it through its paces.


  1. This was so fucking stupid. and C-SOG?? Corrections Special Operations Group? Really? You don’t want to go in a prison to kill the prisoners but to control the situation. I’d fire the guy for throwing a $700 shotgun on the concrete floor. stupid.

  2. These guys aren’t prison guards, they are a government contracting agency that trains SWAT teams HOSTAGE RESCUE inside prisons.

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