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Heizer Defense HD1 Pocket Shotgun



Pocket gun maker Heizer Defense makers of the Doubletap pistol has a new gun on the way. Their new HD1 Pocket Shotgun is an aluminum and stainless steel framed, also available in titanium, top break pocket pistol that’s chambered in both .410 shotgun and .45 Colt. They be available in titanium grey, black, and military green finishes. You can find more info at HiezerDefense.com.

It is important to know that we will only use Stainless Steel or Titanium frames. We believe that these are the safest and most durable alloys. In our opinion lighter metals do not provide the safest and most enjoyable experience that our consumers deserve. We will not allow the commercial distribution of a pistol until we are certain of the safety and the durability of the product. That is why we have chosen Stainless Steel as our base material.



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