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Crazy Quail 360 Degree Clay Pigeon Thrower



I’ve just recently started clay shooting, I wish I started sooner because it’s a ton of fun. Shooting clays coming from one direction is challenging enough, how about from 360 degrees? The folks at Crazy Quail created their 360 degree clay shooter that launches up to 160 clays a minute from several throwers at once. That’s pretty, crazy.

Geneva, IL – Crazy Quail will headline the Schuyler County Shooters Club shoot on October 12, 2013 from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm in Rushville, IL. The public is welcome at this event. Crazy Quail is perfect for the beginning shooter to the most experienced hunter. It is a great warm up for hunting season, or just for plain fun.

Crazy Quail is a live bird shooting simulator based on the traditional shotgun game of the same name which simulates quails rising from cover. Crazy Quail is a type of revolt against the orthodoxy of trap and skeet. Skeet offers excellent practice for the field shooter, but too predictable – the targets always follow the same fixed angles. Trap does offer a greater variety of angles, but all of the shots are going away from the shooter. Crazy Quail offers unique presentations and unpredictability provided by the 360 degree rotating base for the enjoyment of the upland bird wing shooter or the non-hunter alike.

“Our show schedule has kept us very busy” said Barry Bourdage, President of Crazy Quail. “Since the Shot Show in January we have logged more than 80,000 miles travelling to shows and events across the country. It’s great to be in our home state of Illinois at a shooting event.” In the last month Crazy Quail has travelled to New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Wisconsin with multiple stops in each state. “The overwhelming response has been unbelievable! Shooters of all ages walk away smiling, laughing and giggling, ready for hunting season” says Bourdage.

For more information on Crazy Quail visit their website www.crazyquail.com or contact Barry Bourdage at 855-267-8245 ext. 101 or barry@crazyquail.com for more information on Schuyler County Shooters, contact the club directly at 1-217-322-7621.


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