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WTF? Bren or Upside Down AK?



Check out the gif above posted on TFB. At first I was like, cool a Bren machine gun still in use! Then I looked at it again, is that? Is that a guy shooting an AK-47 upside down?! Why the hell would someone shoot their rifle like that on purpose?


  1. 5. He lost the spring from his magazine.
    6. Brass was bouncing off the barrier to his right and pelting him.
    7. He’s turned his “gangsta” shooting style up to 11.

  2. Looks to me that his left arm/hand is hurt. Maybe holding it that way is the best way he can fire it with one hand/arm?

  3. 1) Maybe he thought (wrongly) that by shooting it upside down, he will turn the muzzle rise in the muzzle fall. 😉

    2) Maybe he is trying to clear the long magazine from hitting the dirt wall if it’s right side up. (Most likely IMO)

    3) Maybe he’s just having some fun with his AK, not unlike what a lot of gun vloggers do on YouTube every single day.

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