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The Mosin Nagant Coffee Table


I’ve always wanted to make one of these out of an old Russian Mosin Nagant crate, as I’m sure most gun guys have. I’m glad to see someones tried it and even made a build guide for us to follow in case we wanted to create our own man cave coffee table. The four M44 Mosin Nagant rifles and ammo + clips and was a really nice touch. Check out the build of this sweet Mosin Nagant crate coffee table over at the AIM Surplus Blog.

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  1. Yeah, my Mosin is such a threat to everyone in my household. I certainly should weld up my rifle. Man, I could really use an $85 paperweight.

  2. Hey xteeth, way to resurrect a year old thread to push your anti gun agenda. Sure am glad I read your post…I’m throwing out my gun collection, switching to a vegan diet, flushing my cigars down the toilet, and trading in my Ford Mustang for a Prius as we speak. Any other choices you want to make for me?

  3. Just so you know, if you have one of these in your home and bullets to use “liberally” you are 43 times more likely to have someone in your home injured by them than you are to defend your home from some home invaders. But it is your choice and a little welding would change them into a novelty from a potentially lethal thing for your own family.

  4. Great table. Shoot a Mosin myself.Like the no bent bolt handle scope side mount also. Great idea for a fairly hard hitting reasonably accurate relatively long range arm. Something more than 4X is worthwhile.

  5. I built one of these at the beginning of the year, Unfortunately I was unable to located a surplus crate anywhere within reasonable driving distance so I made mine from scratch using measurements I found on some obscure website somewhere. It turned out really nice. The stenciling was the hardest part.


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