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Tactical Empire’s New SCAR Selector Switches




Tactical Empire recently released their new selector switches for the SCAR rifle, named “Thor’s Hammer”, the new switches are made out of 6061 T-6 aluminum with a Type III anodized finish. They’re not only stronger than the OEM part, but they’re much more ergonomic as well. Especially for those with short stubby thumbs. They’ll come in three sizes depending how long your thumbs are, all for just $65. Check out Tactical Empire on Facebook for more pics and info, or shoot them over an email to place an order at Tacticalempiresales@gmail.com.



  1. Just a heads up–
    You can mix and match your order…
    1 Selector is $35
    2 Selectors $55
    3 Selectors $70

    If your Active Duty $10 off and free shipping.

    • Pricing adjustment….

      Single Safety Selector $25
      Two Safety Selectors $45
      Three Safety Selectors $55

      I’ve been able to lower production costs, and I am passing the savings on to you.

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