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Sturmgewehr 44 Saved From Police Buy Back Program


Remember that giant cache of Sturmgewehr 44s found in Syria a while back? Well it looks like the STG-44 is in the news again, at a recent gun buy back program in Hartford, Connecticut someone brought in a real deal STG-44. The WWII era assault rifle is worth over $30K and the officers at the gun buy back program knew it’s value and historical significance. Instead of throwing the rifle in the scrap pile, they allowed the owner to keep the STG-44 and sell it, “This is a gun that should actually be in a museum rather than in a shredder,” said one of the Hartford officers. I’ve always wondered how many awesome firearms are lost a year to these buy backs, it’s good to see this gem was saved.


  1. Possession of this weapon is illegal by the federal government unless it was registered during a 30 day amnesty period in 1968. If the gun was not registered it is contraband. The BATFE will come back and arrest the woman and put her in prison for ten years just for possession. Local police do not have the authority to allow her to possess the weapon and it can’t be sold. If it were properly deactivated it might be able to be legally possessed, but I am not sure about that. The parts of the weapon have a real value and can all be sold except for the serial numbered receiver part.

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