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STG-44s Used By Syrian Rebels


Remember our recent story about the cache of 5000 STG-44 Sturmgewehr rifles found in Syria? Well it looks like they’re being put to use. Pictures of STG-44 rifles used by Syrian rebels were posted recently on MilitaryPhotos.net, it’s a shame that those pieces of history will never make it into the hands of collectors, but on a positive note at least they’re being used to help overthrow an oppressive government.

You can also see the Syrian rebel holding an STG-44 above at about the 2:20 mark in the video below:


  1. I would love to have one or more of those. Maybe if I gave my services to assist in their revolution they could show appreciation in the form of STG 44’s.

    • I bet they are more accurate, but hard to be more reliable. I saw a you tube clip of dismantling one and I can see the Stoner inspiration, genius, good thing they were led by a madman.

  2. i would REALLY like to slap those people. that is HISTORY right there. they are DESTROYING a piece of real history. why not go get an ak or an sks, or a mosin, there are millions of those.

    • I think it is a great bit of history that the Affrica Korps left such a cash with their Syrian friends. It explains why the Arabs got a bad deal after the War, they sided with the bad guys. I wish I had 1 or more. Ammo for those things is available and that is the only rifle that fires 7.92 Kurtz I think.

  3. Yeah, beautifully made, but definitely much more finicky than an AK. Love to have 1 or 2 myself. Hey why don’t all of us collectors put together 5k of ak’s and send them to the rebels/alqueda in exchange for the stg44’s? they are already used to shooting at soldiers and unarmed civilians with those, win/win, no learning curve! Maybe we could grease them with pig fat instead of cosmoline too.


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