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Silver Shadow Double Barrel AR-15



double barreled  ar-15

I’m not sure what some people’s obsession with double barrel firearms are. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of double-barreled shotguns, and historical double-barreled hunting rifles that actually served a real purpose. But stuff like the Arsenal Double Barrel 1911 just makes me wonder, is there really a market for such a gun?

Apparently there is, Israeli armsmaker Silver Show is said to have a double barrel AR-15 in the works that they will debut at the Eurosatory expo in Paris next month.

I’m more of a fan of triple-barreled guns myself.

[Image sources: TheFirearmsBlog and TheTruthAboutGuns]


  1. this product is officially unveiled by the company..
    looks pretty good, and looking forward to see a military / law enforcement using it..

  2. Funny. The first thing I thought of was that pos 1911 too. I dont get it. Maybe if the second barrel fired pistol rounds that could be selected from a singular lower receiver via a selector. Still pointless, but at least it would be neat.

    • @Stan: That’s kind of the point…no need for pistol rounds if you just planted double 5.56s in someone’s chest…

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