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Sig Sauer Shipping New Sig 551-A1



TACTICAL PRECISION, For 2011, SIG SAUER® is offering several variants to its tactical platforms. NEW to this lineup is our new SIG551-A1, chambered for the widely used 5.56 x 45mm NATO caliber using Swiss Polymer magazines. The SIG551-A1 features a distinctive swiss folding stock, and an M1913 rail for accessory attachment. The 16” barrel features four-groove rifling and a twist rate of 1:7”. The SIG551-A1 measures 36.1” but can fold to 26”, making it ideal for situations where maximum maneuverability is required. For Special Forces requiring an accurate, more potent rifle, chambered in 5.56 x 45mm NATO, the SIG551-A1 sets a new standard for dependable operation and function.

Sig Sauer just announced that they will be shipping their SIG 551-A1 rifle in the United States. Chambered in 5.56 and built off a solid billet lower, it comes with a Swiss folding stock and will ship with a 20 and 30 round translucent Swiss magazines. The main difference between the current SIG 556 and the SIG 551-A1 is that the SIG 556 accepts standard AR-15 mags while the SIG 551-A1 only takes the Swiss mags.


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