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Russian AK-103 Exports To Libya



Libyan rebels used a hodgepodge of weapons in their successful fight to topple Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi. From FAL rifles provided by NATO to all the various AK variants that are common in the Middle East. Well now that the Gaddafi regine has crumbled, a little more info is known about what pro-Gaddafi forces used. Security Scholar stumbled upon a few pictures that seem to show that Gaddafi’s troops used Kalashnikov AK-103 imported from Russia.


The AK-103 recievers show the Russian Izhevsk upright arrow factory markings. The recievers also show the rifles AK 103-2 designation which came with the ability to shoot in three round burst. While it’s no surprise that these AKs came from Russia, it does gives some proof to those that claim that Russia was hesitant to support the Arab Spring because they were profiting from the various oppressive regimes in the Middle East and North Africa.



  1. its a damn shame that such fine weapons are in the hands of peasants but yet, in this country, where we have the 2nd Amendment, our govt has oppressed us and punished us, to the point where it is not cost effective to own a fully auto rifle.

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