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Ruger’s new .357 Magnum 77/357 Rifle


Ruger just released their new bolt-action 77/357 rifle in .357 magnum. The Ruger 77/357 rifle features a five-round rotary magazine, adjustable iron sights and scope mounts, Ruger also included a set of their scope rings. The 77/357 weights in at just 5.5 pounds and is offered in Ruger’s All-Weather configuration, which includes a stainless steel barrel and receiver and a black composite stock.

If you’re wondering what’s the use of a bolt-action rifle in a handgun cartiridge, check out these numbers. Ruger claims that out of the Ruger 77/357s 18.5″ barrel, Hornady 140 grain FTX loads clocked in a respectible 1820 feet per second. More than enough for hunting medium-sized game. The Ruger 77/357 may not be the most powerful or optimal bolt-action hunting rifle on the market, but if you already carry a .357 magnum revolver when you’re out in the bush, the 77/357 may be a good option for you. They MSRP for $793, for more info visit www.ruger.com.



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