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Primary Weapons Systems Suppressor Prototype



Primary Weapons Systems displayed their new prototype suppressor. While there aren’t many details available of their new suppressor as of yet, what we do know is their new suppressor will be serviceable with its internal components being replacable. No need to buy another silencer and do more paperwork when this one eventually wears out. Stay tuned for more info and pricing as it comes in.

PWS suppressor

PWS silencer


  1. Anything that isn’t round is going to be weaker or heavier than a round profile suppressor. Stress risers exist, and corners are where they come into play.

    • Looking at this I see clearly the round profile supressor inside the hex shape outer skin. Take another look at the front of the supressor and you will see the round cut profile. As for weight, this depends on the material this is constructed. I have to say this prototype looks interesting and if it works well, I’m all for it…

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