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Primary Weapons Systems Buffer Tube Demo



Primary Weapons Systems makes some pretty good stuff, check out our review of the PWS MK1 Piston AR-15 for more on that. One of their more interesting products for the AR-15 is their enhanced buffer tube. It features a one piece design that eliminates the need for a castle nut so that the buffer tube will never become loose. And if you’re running a piston AR-15 upper the PWS buffer tube will help reduce carrier tilt which tends to plague many of the piston AR-15 kits out there.

The PWS buffer tube also features a dead blow buffer already installed in the rear of the buffer tube to help reduce carrier speed by around 10% which in turns reduces felt recoil. At $100 it’s not a budget mod for your AR-15, but it’s one that can make some big improvements. Check it out in action below.



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