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Palmetto State Armory’s “NOBO12” Anti-Obama AR-15 Lower


I usually don’t like to get political here on ArmoryBlog, but since this is directly related to guns and because I’m a Palmetto State Armory customer I’ll pass it along. Palmetto recently debuted their new “NOBO12” AR-15 lower receivers on their Facebook page. The popular retailer made quite a name for themselves in the past year with their great prices on AR-15 uppers, lowers and accessories. They’re one of my go to online retailers for parts and ammo.

And because of that, I’m a little surprised they’d do something like this. I’m not an Obama supporter at all (or a Romney one), but I bet we can all guess who their clientele wants out of the White House. I know this product is a total gimmick, like all the Zombie products at SHOT 2012, and like all the zombie junk it will probably sell very well.

I actually think the “HOPE” and “Change” selector switch is pretty clever.



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