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No More PAP Cheek Slap With The New Century Warsaw Stock



If you own or shot any of the Yugo M70 NPAP AK47s on the market then I’m sure you’re aware of the infamous PAP cheeck slap.


Yeah, it’s that bad. Some people don’t have an issue with it but others get jabbed in the face each time they pull the trigger. I own an M70 NPAP AK47 and while I love the quality and workmanship of the rifle I do get a bit tired of the slap. I find the best way to minimize it is to put your face as far to the receiver as possible, that plus a good muzzle brake reduced the slap by at least 80-90%. The issue is the high comb on the factory wood stock that comes on the NPAP rifles, it was designed to be used with scopes so trying to use it with iron sights can be a pain, literally. Well Century must have read all the complaints because at the 2016 SHOT Show they debuted their new “Warsaw Style” buttstocks. They look similar to the stocks found on other AK47 variant rifles, but because the Yugo AKs use a different way to mount their buttstocks you couldn’t simply just mount any old AK buttstock.

The new Warsaw buttstock is made in the USA so it’s US 922r complaint. It’s made out of hardwood and has a steel buttplate. It has an overall length of 9.5″. It retails for $59.99, check out centuryarms.biz for more info.


  1. What type of muzzle brakes have you used? I have thought about using the Midwest industries 74 style brake, the fighter brake from definitive arms or the tapco slotted brake. Has the cheek slap went away or minimized? Did the stock match closely with the npap forend? Thank you.

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