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New GSG .22LR MP-40 Schmeisser



GSG has been on a roll lately when it comes to bringing historical firearms back to life in .22lr form. There’s the GSG 1911, the GSG STG-44 and now the new GSG MP-40 Schmeisser. The one pictured is the prototype and according to the reps from GSG we can expect these to be available later this year. The officially licensed Schmeisser also comes in a wood crate just like the STG-44. Pricing should be under $600 or so, but that’s not been set as of yet.



The MP-40 was always one of my favorite guns in all those WWII movies, so it’s safe to say I can’t wait to get one. And if you’re holding your breath for a .22lr Thompson, GSG claims they tried to bring one to market but were unable to. Hopefully we see one eventually, I’m talking to you Auto Ordnance.


  1. Bonjour
    J’aimerais acquérir une mp 40 22lr pour collection je ne possède pas de permis est-il possible d’en acquérir une ???

    • Sten Parts kit – $130. I.O. semi conversion kit – $230 Total for 9mm working sten – around $400. How much for 22lr pot metal cast replica? Probably $600 msrp like the rest of these.

  2. As far as the Thompson goes, the Thompson company already made a 22lr version years ago and plan to reissue it in the future. I would like to see a Grease Gun or a l85 rifle in 22lr or even a long shot, a 22cal Bren would be great!

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