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Mossberg 464 SPX Tactical Lever Action Rifles




Mossberg has spruced up the trusty old “Appalachian assault rifle” with their new 464 SPX lever action rifles that they debuted at the 2012 SHOT Show. They added picatinny rails, an adjustable six position stock, flash suppressor and fiber optic sights. Currently the new 464 SPX lever action rifles are available in .22lr with a 18″ barrel in 13+1 capacity and in .30-.30 with a 16″ barrel and 5+1 capacity.



  1. If I had a choice between being gay and buying this rifle, I would choose being gay, because if I bought this rifle I would be both gay and own a shitty firearm.

    • I think you are just coming out of the closet FN49… You say you would rather be gay than own this rifle, but being gay isnt a choice and if you think otherwise you’re one dumb son of a bitch…

      A friend of mine owns this rifle and its pretty sweet and definitely fun to shoot.

  2. Why all the hate ??? When the plastic Glock first came out in the 80’s, people hated it and complained out it, etc. Now look at it. I like this new Mossberg 464 SPX it. I purchased one. I will be picking it up later today !!!

  3. I purchased this to hun white tail and I like it so far. I love the look and it just sweet! I have not gone hunting with it yet, but will post when I do. I did have a tactical scope fall apart on the gun and now found the right mounts and still looking for a good scope.

  4. Just got one and love it. Shoots as expected. I like that the stock is adjustable because my 10 year old son can hold it correctly. Now to get a light, laser, grenade launcher, scope and lastly find some Zombies. <(};

  5. i love my lever actions. the adjustable stock is cool and i would like something like that for my marlin, but i’ll admit the rail foregrip looks ridiculous and serves no purpose in my mind.

  6. After looking at a taced out coach gun last week I thought. Some one should tac a lever action. Glad some ones reading my mind. I like it. Probably wouldn’t buy one, but I like it.

  7. Well as much as people say there ugly they must be selling well because, I cant find one anywhere !! I like it, we are a new generation of shooters , and this is the stuff we like

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