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Mosin Nagant Muzzle Brakes From Mosin Plus



I’m a big fan of the Mosin Nagant rifle, they’re cheap and rugged and with some practice they can be pretty accurate. One of the downfalls for many shooters with the Mosin is the sharp recoil from the hard hitting 7.62x54R round. I have one of these recoil buttpads from Amazon that takes out a bit of  the sting, I also have a Past Mag protection pad too. It’s not that I’m recoil sensitive or that I’m a wuss, OK maybe I am, it’s just after a day at the range with my Mosin Nagant my body feels like I was run over by a train.

Another way to help reduce recoil is with a good muzzle brake, enter the MP91 muzzle brake from MosinPlus. They have a fast lock brake that twist behind the front sight base as well as a version for those who have removed the front sight or chopped down their barrel. They’re made right here in the USA and feature porting on the top and sides of the brake to help take a bit of the bite out of your Mosin’s recoil. They only fit the 91/30 Mosin Nagant however, they won’t work with the M44 of M38. They start at $45 over at MosinPlus.com.


  1. How do you remove the barrel rod on the underside of the barrel or will these fit with the rod in place? My Mosin Nagant is a 1943 1891/30 Infantry model Shouldn’t be modernized because of it’s heritage but still an awesome rifle to shoot.


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