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Marlin 795 ProMag 25 Round Magazine

Credit : Alloutoor.com

The Marlin 795 is one of my favorite .22lr rifles. It’s not as popular as the venerable Ruger 10/22 but to me it’s the better rifle out of the box. While the 10/22 has the huge edge in the amount of aftermarket parts available the Marlin 795 is lighter and thinner and to me more accurate in its stock form. It’s also half the price of the 10/22 at around $120 or so at most stores.

The main drawback is its lack of high capacity magazines, especially from the factory. The 10/22 hi cap mags from Ruger are great mags, but Marlin only makes standard 10 round mags for the 795. ProMag stepped in and has a 25 round mag available for the Marlin 795 that retails for $25. I’ve used one with my Marlin 795 and so far I have no complaints. 

It’s available for a lot less than retail at both GunMagWarehouse and Sportsman’s Guide.


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