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Man Scares Away Mob With His M44 Mosin Nagant



A mob of would be robbers kicks down the door of your neighbors house, then they come to your house next with the intent to pillage, steal and cause destruction, what do you do? Pull out our pistol? Grab your shotgun? How about your Mosin Nagant?

Roger MacBride from Kanas City, MO faced that dilemma as a group or 25 or so teens went on a spree of destruction breaking a neighbors windows and doors and then came after him as he yelled for them to stop. They started to throw rocks at him and approached his front door, that’s when MacBride reached for his M44 Mosin Nagant rifle and chased them off his porch. Luckily no one was hurt in the incident, and the old Russian war horse didn’t have to be used.

A Mosin Nagant may not be the optimal firearm of choice for home defense, but it goes to show it can still strike fear in people just by the sheer size (and sound!) of it, especially if you have the spear of a bayonet attached. I’ll still stick to my trusty Mossberg 500, check out the video of MacBride explaining what happened below:

[Source: Fox4kc.com]


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