A guy in Washington D.C. purchased an HDTV on Amazon.com, nothing out of the ordinary there. But instead of his TV, he got a Sig Sauer 716 “army-style assault rifle”. Reported (and over-dramatized) by MyFoxDC.com, Seth Horvitz ordered his TV from a third-party through Amazon. The shipping label on the box had his name and correct address, but the invoice within the box said that the rifle was supposed to be shipped to a gun shop in Pennsylvania. Horvitz called the cops who confiscated the rifle.

Of course the fools at the Brady Campaign had to put their two cents in…

“Clearly, it’s a dangerous situation in America when assault weapons are so prevalent and can so easily end up in the wrong hands, especially given that the rifle was left on the doorstep. Thank goodness, Mr. Horvitz and his wife alerted the Metropolitan police right away. This mishap could have led to another tragedy.”

Shipping mix-ups happen, we’re only human. I’m interested in knowing who this third-party is that sells HDTVs and guns!

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