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Magpul’s New 40 Round Gen M3 PMAG



Magpul just announced the release of their new 40 round PMAG magazines. The PMAG 40 GEN M3 features a lot of the same features as their popular 30 round variant and is made here in the USA. However the new 40 rounder PMAG 40 GEN M3 also features new material technology and a new manufacturing process for better strength and reliability, which caused the delay in releasing them for so long. They retail for $19.95 and are available now from a few select retailers, for those in Colorado these will be available from the Boulder Airlift Program.

PMAG 40 AR/M4 GEN M3 Shipping Now! In a move to enhance safety for responsible citizens, military, and law enforcement alike, Magpul Industries is now shipping the PMAG 40 GEN M3. Several years in the making, the PMAG 40 was delayed while GEN M3 technology was perfected to insure the highest quality product and full compatibility with the USMC M27 IAR. With the same compatibility as the 30-round GEN M3, the PMAG 40 provides 10 more rounds of capacity before requiring a reload—which could be a lifesaving difference. This new “safe capacity” offering is ideally suited for those who may need to respond to multiple threats without extra rifle magazines carried on their person, or for military members looking for an extra margin of safety in high-tempo operations. Just 2 1/8″ longer than the 30-round version, the PMAG 40 is just as reliable, durable, and compatible as the PMAG 30. The optimized magazine spring can handle feeding at cyclic rates over 1150 rounds per minute, so the extra 10 rounds of safety comes with the ability to more than keep up with platforms such as the M249 SAW and the M27 IAR. Designed for and tested in the most demanding environments. Available and suitable for all responsible civilian and military applications.



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