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Magpul Gen 3 AR/M4 PMAG


Magpul Pmag Gen 3

magpul 30 round gen 3 pmagMagpul just released their new Gen 3 PMAG AR-15/M4 30 round magazines. Magpul claims that they’re the most reliable and durable PMAGs to date, I don’t see how more reliable they can get as older PMAGS have been almost 100% reliable for me. And according to Magpul the previous PMAGs will still be sold as the Gen M2 MOE at just $12.95 and $15.95 for the window model, a pretty awesome deal if you ask me.

So what about the new Gen 3? They’ll retail at $14.95 and $17.95 for the window model, still a great for value for what you get. The new 5.56×45 Gen 3 PMAGS will start shipping on November 1, 2012.

What’s new with the Gen 3 PMAG? Magpul has made the Gen 3 PMAGs even stronger using new polymer technology. Feed lip impact, spine strength, side impact, temperature impact and crush test have all been improved. The window material used in the window model Gen 3 PMAGS have been improved as well to help with durability and chemical resistance.

The external dimensions are slightly different to help it work with more platforms such as the HK 416, AR, M27 and SA-80. Magpul used an enhanced over-insertion stop for increased strength during fast and “extremely aggressive magazine changes”, i.e. tactical mag changes. Magpul also overhauled the internal geometry of their new PMAGs along with a new, low-friction, four-way anti-tilt follower for increased reliability during harsh conditions. The new followers are gray to help you distinguish them from previous followers.

There are even more improvements made to the new Gen 3 PMAGs and Magpul says they will be releasing videos pretty soon to show their new PMAGS in action. We’ll share them as soon as they’re posted. Check out all the new features and improvements of the new Gen 3 PMAGs over at Magpul.com.



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