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MAGPOD PMAG Monopod Attachment


Whenever I see someone using their magazine to stabilize their rifle at the range, whether it be in the prone position or on a bench, I usually cringe. I come from the school of thought that said this was a bad habit, but that’s just me. With the AR-15 I’ve never experienced an issue or seen an issue where using the magazine to stabilize your rifle can cause a malfunction. I have experienced it plenty of times with other rifles however. I still don’t like to do it, even with my ARs.

Well it looks like there’s an accessory coming soon that may change that thought, the folks from Multi Tasker multi-tools are working on an attachment for PMAG magazines called the MAGPOD. It replaces the floorplate of your PMAGs and essentially turns them into a monopod. They require no tools to install and weight less than an ounce. They’re currently not out yet but are slated to hit market in 2013. I think it’s a pretty neat idea, but I’ll save judgement on them until I can use one in the field. Check out mag-pod.com for more info.


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