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The “Japanese Garand” semi-auto rifle


There’s no doubt that the M1 Garand semi-auto rifle was one of the many reasons the allies won WWII. It’s accuracy, knock down power, reliability, and most notably the fact that it was a semi-auto battle rifle gave our troops the edge over the Axis in both the European and Pacific theaters. The M1 Garand was such an effective rifle that Japan copied it for their own troops towards the end of the war. The Japanese copy, dubbed the Type 5 rifle, was chambered in 7.7mm instead of 7.62mm 30.06 and had a 10 round internal magazine as opposed to the M1 Garand’s 8 round. Lucky for us at the time, only 100 copies were ever made.

Check out the video below from the NRA Museum regarding the Japanese clone of the M1 Garand.

[Source: NRAMuseum]


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