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I Wish They All Could Be Israeli Girls


Israeli girl with an M4 Carbine

Click HERE for full-size image.

In the US most women carry a purse, or maybe a toy dog if they really want to show off. In Israel they carry M4s, I’m pretty sure most guys there think twice before using a cheesy pickup line with these ladies.

All kidding aside, she’s most likely an IDF soldier stationed in part of Israel where she’s required to carry her weapon on her at all times while on leave (notice the rifle in the upper left part of the picture as well). The rifle she’s carrying appears to be a M16A1 carbine of some sort, nice shorts too.

[Source: Reddit]


  1. I packing an’ leaving the US! These girls loose the ankle-biters and use real protection!!! Sounds better than a chiwawa too 😉


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