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I.O. Inc AK-47 Gas Block Cracks After 10 Rounds



Here’s another setback for the reputation of the I.O. Inc AK-47s, the folks over at AK Operators Union had a lot of bad luck with theirs so have many owners on various forums. Well a Redditor who made the mistake of buying an I.O. Inc AK-47 posted their experience, their brand spanking new AK suffered from a cracked gas block after just ten rounds. Stick to Yugos, WASRs, Arsenal or Russian AKs people. Or Chinese or Egyptian if you can find them. 

I bought this I.O. Inc. AK47 a few weeks ago. Shot it for the first time today and less than 10 rounds in, this happens. The gas block cracked and it doesn’t cycle anymore. I.O. Inc. products are garbage! I thought I was buying a lower tier AK47 that might not be quite as high quality as the more expensive ones. I was wrong, I literally bought trash. Don’t make the same mistake I did. Please avoid this company and their product. Does anyone know what I should do at this point? Is there any chance either the gun shop or manufacturer will give me a refund?

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  1. The gas bloc should be under warranty so the manufacture should fix it for free. But I agree, I bought one too and so did my buddy and they are the worst guns I have over owned in my life. I have sunk well over a hundred dollars into gunsmith fees getting the factory mags to fit the gun and putting on a rail and laser sight cause the sight that came with it has no windage adjustment and I still cannot hit a 12×12 target bench rested at 8 yards, Can you believe it? Guns are JUNK


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