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How Many Accessories is Too Much?



The AR-15 Rifle is the mens Lego set, it’s fully customizable, easy to assemble and there are a ton of accessories for them. Everything from grips, scopes, lasers and lights can be mounted onto the AR-15 in various different configurations. But how many accessories is too much? Just like with cars, many people seem to go overboard with the accessories they add onto their ARs (and other guns for that matter) making them seem gaudy and impractical. With the AR owner above, to him more is better, personally I’m a fan of KISS principle.  I keep it simple with iron sights and a foregrip, and if I’m feeling tacticool a mounted SureFire light.

[Image source: Reddit]


  1. Personally, I think the simpler the better; this girl pretty much just needs the scope. Mostly due to my ridiculously bad eyesight. However, I suppose every mission is different and requires various add-ons.

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