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High Tower Armory 90/22 Bullpup Stock



The Ruger 10/22 is arguably one of the most popular .22lr firearms of all time with millions made over the years, it’s no wonder there’s so much aftermarket parts available for them. From aftermarket barrels, high-capacity magazines and stocks. And even with the plethora of parts available for the venerable old 10/22, my 15 year old Ruger is still completely stock. If it ain’t broke why fix it right? Well I stumbled upon this bullpup stock kit from the folks over at High Tower Armory that made me rethink my stubbornness to mod my Ruger.

Their 90/22 bullpup stock turns your 10/22 into a short and compact bullpup that looks similar to the FN P90 sub machine gun. It even has a spare ammo holder up top that looks like the P90’s top loader magazine. It’s made out of military grade polymer and shortens the overall length of your 10/22 to around 26.5″s. It includes aluminum Picatinny rails for optics and accessories and an ambidextrous steel charging handle and steel trigger linkage. It also comes with a dummy suppressor to cover the skinny 10/22 barrel and makes the gun look pretty bad ass. It will accept standard factory 10 round mags as well as most of the high-capacity mags on the market, except drum mags. The price? Just under $240. They’ll be available in black, OD green and desert tan. EDIT: They’re now available and ready for purchase.

Check them out at Hightowerarmory.com.


  1. I got my hightower bullpup from E.ARTHUR BROWN for 240$ to my door in about a week it came with instructions that were pretty good they might have used a pointer in some of there pistures but otherwise pretty good the stock required no trimming of any kind the seams fit very well with nothing extra needed there as I have very bad athritus the charging handles were not big enough and at 16$ each for hightowers larger ones I got some 1″ round knobs already threded with 1/4″X20 and I drilled out the steel charging rods on the stock and for less than10$ I had much larger and easyer to use charging handles the trigger pull also was to much so I cut down the trigger spring some and that is better for most people those little things aren’t much of a deal but for me there are now I need to work on the gun itself anyway I watched the video frist and it all went together prettywell the nuts that the bolts thread into didn’t all stay in the stock like the instructions said but a little tape took care of that problem the rail systems all seem pretty good the exstension for the rifles safty might be a little longer but it works as dose the safty that is part of the stock itself the stock shoudhave come with a longer mag release the people at hightower know this and I think that’s cheap of them not to include a longer mag release the feel of the stick is good overall iff you like a bullpup overall I woud recamend the stock its much brtter than the muzzalite in regaurds to any trimming needed on the extra mat.where the seams come together the fake mag on the top is a joke iff they got rid of it or you just don’t use it you can use the top carry handle I will be putting a lazer on one of the side rails and maybe a m16 handle on top the stock did come with 2 side pic rails as well as the top rail one bummer is you have to take the stock apart to clean the rifle so eventuly you will wear out or lose some of the bolts that hold the stock togher so you wlee need some extras next my biggest problem is all the different length bolts that hold the stock together so iff you ever plan on cleaning the rifle you might as well make a list of the different length bolts and get some extras a long with some nuts as well iff I can get the trigger pull down so I can shoot with my junk hands I might by another stock so ruger shoud thank hightower for that because without them and there bullpup stock I woud not own a ruger 1022 I woud rate this stock at 85% so hightower just give a longer mag release and give some extra nuts and bolts and explane how to hold the nuts in and you will be better thanks indycarbob

  2. Very nice. Glad to see the price tag is in the ballpark of reasonable. I know there are a lot of stock kits out there that get a little silly on pricing.

  3. I need to do a review on the The Ruger 10/22, it looks like such an awesome gun. Its pretty sweet it accepts the standard 10 mag.


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