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HERA Arms CQR Stock Has a 12K People Long Waiting List


The new HERA Arms CQR stock and grip has really made waves lately in the gun world. According to an article on TFB LAN World Inc has a waiting list of 12,000 people for the new HERA Arms CQR stock and grips. That’s a lot of people! I have a feeling they’ll sell even more of these bad boys. 

Great news everyone, we are starting to ship the new CQR Stocks!!…..but….reality is that we have over Twelve Thousand (12,000) people signed up on our waiting list (this is just LAN World’s list). It is going to take some time to get everyone their stocks. If your not getting the email it is because there are a lot of people in line. Please be patient. HERA is shipping to several distributors at the same time so things take time and will start to move quicker and quicker. Thank you for all the support on this super awesome product. If you are going to SHOT show it will be on display at several locations throughout the show. Thank you again!!! hang in there, they are coming.


  1. Got an early one, easy fitment, and makes us in CA “featurless” with the grip insert. Very happy with it, and wish I could get a couple more.


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