The remake of the WWII STG-44 chambered in .22LR from GSG is now available, we posted a few pictures of it from the 2012 SHOT Show a while back. I even got the opportunity to shoot it at the 2012 Media Day at the range, and I have to have say it was pretty darn cool. It had a pretty good amount of heft to it, you couldn’t tell it was a .22 when you first pick it up. It felt great to shoot and it was plenty accurate.

It features real wood furniture, real metal parts (not sure how much of the rifle is actually metal vs plastic as yet) and it comes in a cool handmade wood crate. Based off the German Sturmgewehr, it weights in at 9.5lbs and has a 17.2″ barrel with an over all length of 37.2″. They will be available with either a 10 round or 25 round capacity magazine and retail for just under $600. Check out for more info.

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