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Gilboa Snake Double Barrel AR-15



Remember the Silver Shadow double-barreled AR-15 from Israel? Well it looks like official pics and some info of the new Gilboa Snake double-barreled AR have finally been released. From what we can gather the Gilboa Snake will fire from both barrels at the same time with a single trigger pull and will be available in both semi-auto (which fires two rounds per pull) and in full auto. The Gilboa Snake weights in at 9.4lbs with both barrels coming in at 9.5″ each. No word on if they will be imported into the U.S., but if I had to guess I would highly doubt it.

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  1. wtf no way i wish it would get to cali but never happen with the trigger releaseing two at a time damn nazi cali but i still have my doubts its even real


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