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Finnish Mosin Found in the Woods and Restored


And I thought cleaning cosmoline was a chore, this guys fully restored a Finnish Mosin Nagant rifle that was found in the woods! It went from rusted, see above and below pictures.

To a brand spanking new looking Mosin. You can read more about the restoration over at Gunnit. I wish I found a Finnish Mosin Nagant in the woods, or anywhere at all really. They’re among the best Mosins to own..


  1. That’s incredible, I wish you would have done YouTube segments on the restoration, or put all the in process pictures on here. That’s just incredible.

  2. Pretty impressive. Compared to the “before” photos, the end result looks really great. I’ve really got to get myself one of those Mosin Nagant rifles. Been meaning to for a while, but always seem to find a different toy that I want instead. I think they have the M91 at my local Dunham’s for around $100, so maybe I should just go out and get one.


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