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Dual Gas Piston and DI AR-15


Many shooters who buy or build an AR-15 have a ton of options to choose from, from what AR-15 parts kits to use, uppers, lowers, stocks, sights etc. One option that has been debated to death is whether to go with a traditional direct impingement or gas piston AR-15. Well now the debate can be put to rest it seems as this new patent posted on TheFireArmBlog incorporates both a gas piston and direct impingement in one AR. Jason Jackson received a patent for his new design that allows a shooter to switch between piston or DI.

It’s a pretty interesting design s the gas tube is actually the piston, and if you want to go DI you can adjust the system so that the piston is then locked in place and the gas tube is opened to allow gasses to do their thing like in a DI setup. Why would anyone want both setups in one rifle? I have no idea, but now I guess we can put the piston vs DI debate to rest, for now.



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