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Custom Pink AK


Posted over on Tacticalgear.com, one of their readers had a custom pink Bulgarian AK-47 made for their wife’s birthday. It features a custom made hand carved buttstock and ceratoke pink paint, and it even has a pink bayonet!


  1. She’s going to have a nice pink mark on her support hand to match her rifle from the charging handle if she keeps shooting like that.

  2. That is not how hi shoot. I was asked to show off the gun lol. If u notice my fingers is nowhere near the trigger.

  3. Typical redneck white trash. This is why guns get a bad rap. Damn, 9 year old just shot himself in the head with an UZI. Now we got Barbie Playhouse AK-47. The morons ruin it for everybody else. Thanks a lot, dolts.

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