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New Buttstock Designed for Tactical Use


AR accessories company, Tactical Intent, announces production release of a new tactical buttstock. Officials at Tactical Intent expect the TI-7 Tactical Buttstock to challenge the market with high-end features and a medium-range retail price. Tactical Intent’s TI-7 tactical buttstock is designed to satisfy the requirements of law enforcement, military and commercial users.

The TI-7 tactical buttstock was recently reviewed in the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) Member Tested and Recommended Program. Comments from the tactical officers that reviewed the buttstock include, “It was well designed” and “it was of good quality, was easy to operate and durable.” Reviewers said the buttstock was “easy to install and remove, was quiet and the design allowed for a comfortable cheek weld.” They also found that the, “cheek welds are very comfortable, and greatly assist in a good, stable eye placement through the rear sight.” When evaluating the buttstock they observed that the contoured shoulder rest, “seemed to allow greater flexibility in raising the rifle into shooting position from a low-ready.” One officer commented on the buttstock’s water-resistant storage compartments, “I applaud the ability to carry additional batteries in the storage compartments, especially given our use of EOTechs and Surefire lights.”

For more information visit www.ti7stock.com.