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Browning Automatic Rifle Model 1918 Reproductions


The Browning Automatic Rifle is one of the most iconic rifles from WWII. It was developed by John M. Browning in 1917 and was first used in WWI up until the Vietnam War. Ohio Ordnance Works still manufactures a reproduction of the popular BAR. Based on the 1918A3 version used in WWII, the 1918 A 3-SLR actually uses some original parts from WWI and WWII as well as newly made parts by Ohio Ordnance. They include two 20 round mags (10 or 15 rounders if you’re in a restricted state for an additional $155), a web sling, bipod, carrying handle, flash hider, bolt hold open device, cleaning kit and a manual. The price? A hefty $4300, if I had the money I’d have one in my collection. Check them out at ohioordnanceworks.com.


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