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Brass Stacker Mosin Nagant Scout Scope Mount



While shopping for accessories for my a Mosin build I’ve been working on I stumbled upon the Brass Stacker Scout Scope Mount kit for the Mosin Nagant. There are a few other kits on the market for the Mosin that allows you to mount a scout scope to your rifle. What makes this kit from Brass Stacker unique is that it’s a see-through mount that allows you to still use your Mosin’s iron sights. The kit works with straight bolt handles and still allows you to use stripper clips and there is no permanent modifications made to your rifle. Just a note, you’ll have to use a long eye relief scope with this kit and it doesn’t work with M38/44 rifles. The kit is made in the USA and comes with a 100% lifetime warranty.

You can buy the Brass Stacker Mosin Nagant Scout Scope Mount kit on Amazon for $59 with free shipping.


  1. The Brass Stacker Scout Mount is fantastic! I run one on my 91/30 and it serves me well. One thing to consider with this mount though is the fact that when some of the Mosin-Nagants were produced with rear sight bases that weren’t straight so a set of adjustable scope rings may be in order.

  2. I have not seen this conversion for Mosin before. I am going to have to check it out. The only down side that I see is that it requires a long eye relief scope. I will check back once I get one in stock at my store and complete an install. If it goes well we will try to list these on our website, http://www.jlfirearms.com.


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